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This online course to prepare for APTIS ADVANCED exam, consists of 8 sections. Each section has six different parts divided as follows:

Part one : Five lessons of grammar ,  which is a theoretical and practical grammar review  for B2 to C2 potential APTIS examinees with a Quiz of multiple choice tests after each  unit to practise.( Total of 40 Grammar Lessons and more than 1300 test questions)

Part two : A lesson on Vocabulary ,followed by two-three quizes with multiple choice vocabulary practice exercises , similar to those  in the exam.  Total of 8 Vocabulary Lessons  and 20 Quizes.

Part three : A lesson on listening tips ,followed by two quizes with multiple choice listening practice exercises , similar to those  in the exam.  Total of 8 Listening Lessons  and 16 Quizes.

Part four : A lesson on speaking tips , taking a particular look at the different 3 parts of the APTIS ADVANCED exam ( Total of 8 Speaking Lessons )

1. Compare two pictures in 45 seconds and answer two questions about them,

2. Discuss personal experience and opinion in relation to an abstract topic. One minute to prepare and two to talk.

3. Presentation.One minute to prepare and a minute and a half to talk

Part five : A lesson on reading comprehension tips with explanations on how to be more efficient in the exam , followed by a quiz with  multiple choice reading comprehension practice exercises similar to the ones in the exam. Total of 8 Reading Comprehension  Lessons  and 16 Quizes

Part six : A lesson on the writing part of the exam through theory and practice of the different types of writings you will be asked to do  in the APTIS exam, such as social media-type questions ,and e-mails ( formal or informal ) and an opinion article.

A Writing Assignment will be forwarded to the teacher after every section to be corrected. ( Total of 8 Writing Lessons  and 8 Writing Assignments)

In eachs section there will be a 30 minute skype individual conversation class with a  teacher Experienced in APTIS , to practise the Speaking part of the APTIS exam and solve doubts. ( Total of 8  individual sessions of 30 minutes )

Additional modules of Speaking and Writing can be purchased separately.


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