Individual courses


Aimed at:

  • Those students who wish to reinforce aspects of the language such as speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar more effectively on a one to one basis, due to individual work requirements. Furthermore to help them manage with ease in certain business situations like presentations, meetings, reports, interviews , arrangements , visits, business trips , telephone calls, customer care ,types of writings etc.
  • DELE exam preparation .

Staff :

  • The most suitable  teacher that suits the student´s needs will be assigned.


  • Our teaching method is based on the “Communicative Approach” system in which the student speaks the language from the very first day following the practice of the four skills ( listening , speaking, reading and writing) with applied grammar in each one of them.
  • All the activities done are based on this  communicative method in order to , help the student  develop a better communicative competence and gain fluency and confidence to get by in everyday situations. Role plays with the teacher will boost their confidence and help them to enhance their capacity of speech and get better and better every time. These drills will  also help them to improve their pronunciation and ability to use the language appropriately in context.
  • The student´s progress is continuously monitored in order to make an appropriate assessment. The teacher makes an individual report of the student´s assessment at the end of the course.

We have hour-long packages  so as to offer the students a more affordable price.

The students will book the classes in advance so that we can organize them depending on the availability of teachers and classrooms.

Prices of  Packages.

10 Hour Package 245
20 Hour Package 474
30 Hour Package 687
10 Hour Package ( 2 people) 285€
20 Hour Package ( 2 people) 560€
30 Hour Package ( 2 people) 825€
For more hours inquire



TIMETABLE AVAILABILITY:  Depends on the availability of teachers and classrooms. We will always try to please your needs.

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